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City of West Allis home page
GIS Supervisor
Pat Walker
(414) 302-8328
West Allis City Hall
7525 W. Greenfield Ave
West Allis, WI 53214
N 43°, W 88°
(414) 302-8200
8:00 am - 5:00 pm M-F

GeoWeb West Allis Interactive Maps

Interactive mapping sites are organized by content theme. In each site legend, map data is grouped in layers. The highest layer selected in the legend will be displayed above any selected layers that are lower in the legend. For more information on using interactive mapping site tools, click on the GeoWeb Help link located on the left corner of any mapping site.

  1. Parcel and Property Info Map each West Allis parcel, including most recent assessment. Locate City of West Allis public buildings, West Allis/West Milwaukee schools, Zip code areas in West Allis, Political Boundaries, Neighborhood District Partnerships boundaries, Assessment boundaries, Census 2000 Tracts and Blocks, Zoning boundaries, TIF and BID Districts, Existing Land Use, Land Use 2010, and Ortho Photography imagery. Newly added are links for Intersections to both Bing Maps and Google Maps Street View sites by clicking on the hyperlinks in the attributes of these features
  2. Neighborhood Partnership Districts Locate Neighborhood Partnership District boundaries. Locate your parcel and find the Neighborhood Partnership Meeting Site by date and time.
  3. Operating While Intoxicated Viewer This OWI Law Enforcement Task Force Map is part of the Stop, Test and Arrest program, and will display OWI Offenders that live in West Allis, Wisconsin that have 5 or more OWI convictions. You will also have the ability to turn on the last two years of OWI arrests that have occurred in West Allis and see their locations and where multiple arrests occurred. Also, you can search thru the convictions, display all of the Liquor Licenses in West Allis sorted by license type. On the site splash screen, you can choose to view some OWI statistics compiled by the WAPD with some interesting facts about OWI in West Allis. This site uses the latest ESRI ArcGIS Server V10, with service pack 2 and is our first map site built with ArcGIS Viewer for Flex 2.4

Static PDF maps are also available on the City of West Allis website.

Map Data

Interactive maps use data from many sources through the City: